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out my window

  • The breakfast burrito at the 20th Street Cafe in downtown (just on the edge of the Skyline Urban Renewal District - any further to the west, and it would have been demolished in the 1970s) is almost to Burqueño standards. They also have “breakfast fried rice,” which I did not ask about.
  • Pacific Mercantile, the Japanese grocery store downtown, was full of hipsters buying wasabi peas.
  • Someone at 14th and Larimer a dog, “How’d you get all wet, boy? There’s not a river around here for miles.”
  • Macchiatos: they’re not cappuccinos.
  • 25% of the reading in this city must be done on the bus or the right rail. 7% of this seems to make place on my own bus line.
  • People leave photographs in the library. I take pictures of them.



People often ask me what my dissertation is about. When I don’t want to talk about it, I just tell them that it’s about zoning. Further inquiry? Non-existent.



C ment.

c ment

Pride in cement workmanship is rarely so hand-lettered.



My typewriter, now located on the floor, continually looks out for ways to trip me.