Oh, hi.

Hi there! It’s me again. I used to write in here a lot. That was a long time ago — several years, to be semi-precise. The person who wrote in here was a lot different than I am now.

But lately, I’ve been thinking I need better creative outlets. This blog (and its stately predecessor) began as places for me to be creative in situations where most of my day was spent being intensely uncreative. The first blog began as something for me to do with my day, back before I became a historian, besides editing stratigraphic columns or making giant spreadsheets. This one evolved out of my determination to keep part of my brain healthy while I was in graduate school. Grad school will eat you alive if you let it — having some sort of writing space where I didn’t have to cite the literature or make footnotes (at least the non-discursive kind) was pretty key. The writing led into the photography, which led in some ways, to more walking and biking and, above all, interesting new ways of thinking, that in turn, informed my other work. Blogging and these other activities inserted a lot of fun into a process that can be really tedious.

But. Then there’s now. Oddly enough, this need for a creative outlet comes when I have a different type of job. An awesome one, where I get to work on really rewarding (although intense) projects, and work with fun, interesting and kind people. The work I do is creative, and all of the sorts of things I’m interested in somehow find their way into what I do there. But. On the weekends? At home? I feel sort of….adrift. I no longer feel like I know what I’m going to do once the weekend comes — obviously, I have things I like to do (see friends, go to museums/movies, read books in bars with interesting beers), but none of them are really about creating things, turning the stuff of everyday life into something tangible. (I am, of course, leaving out the fact that I have a dissertation to write, but that’s work work, not the sort of thing I’m talking about.) Right now, my main creative outlets are a) work, b) posting stuff on Facebook, and c) my (award-winning [seriously!]) Denver-history Tumblr (which is fun to do, but really isn’t about…me so much).

Hope could be around the corner, though. I just drew first cartoon in 16? 17? years for my friends B. and L.’s blog, which made me want to draw more. I used to do it a lot — I stopped because I didn’t think I was any good. That could be a possibility. Writing could be another. Sadly, I think photography is out, at least in the vein I did before. I don’t find the built environment of Denver quite as inspiring as that of Albuquerque, where there was always something new in the realm of WTF laying around to take a picture of.

We’ll see. I’m not making any promises.

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