Firstly, I’ll just say that entering an apartment building with an Electra Amsterdam is about as easy as bringing a drunk home. If there are steps, you’ve got to drag it up them–and trust me, it does not want to go. Then, if you’ve got a foyer with double doors, you’ve got to try to hold both of them open at the same time and wrangle the thing through, sometimes employing your feet. Even if a helpful neighbor arrives on the scene, they’re powerless to help you, since there’s no way past the bike. Then, once inside, it’s either more steps, or it’s an elevator, and unless you live in a building with a freight elevator this thing will take up most of it. Forget popping the thing up on the rear wheel, which is standard New York City indoor bike-moving procedure. And of course, once you get the drunk inside, you think your work is done, until the drunk collapses on your floor. Similarly, once you roll the Electra into your apartment, you’ve got to find someplace to put it. You can lean, say, a road bike against your wall and it will sit there nearly flush–plus you can even lean another road bike against that one and it still won’t take up that much space. With the Electra, though, I had no option but to just park it in the middle of the living room floor where it actually interfered with the workings of my TV remote.

I love my bike, but this is a too-apt description of the endless Getting The Bike Back Indoors Project that comes with owning an Electra bicycle (with the caveat that I have a Townie [which is even larger], and not an Amsterdam).

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