Oh, hey, hi.

Happy Dog in the kitchen 1, originally uploaded by shoshonasnow.

I sort of forgot I had this thing. It’s been over a year since I last posted, and it’s been a very…interesting year, full of changes, some good and some not-so-good. The most obvious change is that I no longer live in Albuquerque. I moved to Denver two weeks ago to finish my dissertation work (I could say moved back, but I haven’t lived in the city since 1998, and it feels like a very different place now), and hopefully accomplish some other things. One of my goals is to begin writing more again, which may work out well for those of you out there (all two of you) still occasionally checking back to see if anything new has happened in this here space. We’ll see, though — I don’t think I am in the space to promise anything these days….

Also, I want a kitchen that’s this color and a Boston Terrier.

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  1. Welcome back! Strangely enough, I haven’t checked your blog in a very long time, and just now did. How funny that you started posting again today after a year away. I love your photos, so I hope you’ll have time to post more of them. Hope you get your kitchen!

  2. Welcome back! One of the beauties of RSS is that you just cheerfully showed up this morning in my feed reader. I was very happy to see the little note suggesting you had something to say.

  3. Just showing up to point out that there are apparently more than two of us. Also, I concur on both the kitchen and the dog.

  4. Hey! It’s good to see you post here again. I haven’t been checking my RSS reader for forever, as I’ve been trying to limit my online activity to Facebook and the occasional illicit album download, so it was excellent to see your blog and Flickr coming up there recently. I hope the transition to Denver is progressing for you, and that your research is going well.

  5. Glad to see you are back. I have enjoyed your blog over the years. I started reading DSP in 2002. Has it really been that long? Looking forward to 2010.

  6. Has it been that long? Until you mentioned it, I forgot that I was blogging in 2002. I think I actually began DSP in 2001? So it’s been almost ten (albeit sporadic) years…

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