5/365: Chinese buffet cake.

5. chinese buffet cake

Of the pictures I’ve taken so far this year, this is one of my favorites. It’s not a technically great shot — the focus is a bit off, and it’s sort of dark due to the bad lighting — but the subject matter is particularly interesting to me. Every Chinese buffet I’ve ever been to has some sort of sheet cake as one of their dessert offerings. Often, these cakes are dry and devoid of much tasty flavor, but the pieces are always cut into precise little squares. Sometimes, I’ve seen these cake squares laid out separately from the mother cake, in neat rows. The repetition of so many identical pieces of cake is quite a mesmerizing sight. Here, you see one of the methods used to accomplish this sort of dessert precision — this piece of cardboard was being used to cut this mediocre coffee-flavored cake into miniature servings.

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  1. can I get the recipe???

  2. I love this cake very much. They are much much better than the cakes in US market.

  3. Oh my goodness. I love these! Even though they really have no flavour,they’re super cute. I especially love the strawberry kind. Thanks for posting!

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