4/365: Chicken and noodles.

4. chicken and noodles

Most of the people in my family were sick on Thanksgiving, so we postponed the whole turkey business until the following Saturday. (Since only one member of my extended family actually likes turkey, I figure most of us were secretly relieved.) Instead, my mom made a big pot of chicken and noodles, which was so, so, so much better than the standard holiday meal. This is just broth, some vegetables, shredded chicken meat, and two bags of the greatest frozen-food product ever, Grandma’s Frozen Noodles. Sure, my mom or I could make some noodles from scratch, but they wouldn’t be even as good — these are the noodles I grew up on, so they have trained my mouth to think this is what noodles should taste like. (I’m sure I’ve written about these before, at some point.)

I’ve always enjoyed the incongruity between the homey pictures on the front of the bag and the manufacturer’s address on the back — FOOD CITY, U.S.A., DENVER, COLORADO (although, in the last year or so, it seems that FOOD CITY, U.S.A., has moved north to the suburbs, and is now in Arvada). I remember thinking as a kid that FOOD CITY, U.S.A would be a fun place to go, or even to live, since it was where the doughy, chewy noodle goodness came from.

Although their map shows that Grandma’s Noodles have conquered much of the West, in my experience, it’s still a real pain in the ass to find them outside of Colorado. It’s still worth it, though, even if you have to occasionally go to W*l-M**rt (the only place that carries them in NM).

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